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March 12, 2009

Your Name: Pamela & Rhoda
Name of Business: Buffet
Type of Business: Selling mostly supplies, some handmade & design banner
Web Site(s):
Current shows, exhibitions, or places selling your work: None
Email: buffetpr [!at]

Who are you?
* We are sisters from Hong Kong. Pamela is the elder one who is an office lady and Rhoda is the younger who is a baby clothing designer. We love anything is cute and creative.

What do you create?
* We dont set any limit. I mean we like to create something out of different kinds of material and what we’ve got on hand. Also we sell supplies because we want to provide something that can inspire other people’s mind to create something extraordinary.

Where do you make your creations?
* At home. We live in a small place but we still want to use limited resources to do big thing.

What makes your creations special or unique?
* I think most crafters would agree is that those items are created from our mind that makes it unique and special.

What inspired you to become an artist?
* I think the inspiration comes from the customers or people who love our works…because you would then know better and want to make something that is useful for them and also in a way to make yourselves happy.

What really gets you in the mood to be creative?
* Definitely when we have time and free…because we’re most of the time very busy with our full time job and home work…so when we can spare a little time for the craft….that would be the time we can get away from our busy life and 100% enjoy!

What do you do to unclog a creative block?
* We may talk through it to find a solution..trying is also a step to the final work….for me sometimes I just step away and clear my mind then back to do it again.

What is your favorite time to work?
* That would be the morning…but I dont have many morning cauz need to work.

What else are you into?
* We both love to taste different food..and travel to other countries to see the world.

Do you have a “day job”?
* Yes yes…we wish we can be fulltime etsy sellers though^^haha

What is a challenge you’ve had to overcome as an artist?
* I wouldn’t say we are an artist yet but for me would be experience and time…for my sis would be time.

Who/what inspired you to become an artist?
* Not sure….^^

What are you most grateful for?
*That we can be healthy…although life is hard but I think it makes u a better person with experience…must work through it to get the rewards…

What is something very few people know about your art?
* What we do is not really a big thing….and we dont only concentrate on 1 kind of item…like ppl have a soap shop or jewelry shop…so people may not come to us even we’ve got jewelry to sell….i hope they may find it fun to look at our shop more…cauz our original aim is to provide diversity….^^

What would you do if you had all the money in the world?
*I would be a full time etsy seller/online shop seller….and we can have time to do handmade cauz we dont need to work no more….and we would do charity…I would like to help the elderly cauz I think they got the less love from the world…while my sis probably would help the animal being abandoned by owner…she has a she loves those animal..

Do you have any special offers for those reading this interview?
* If you are reading now..and you love to buy something from us….send me a CONVO and tell me this password “LOVE BUFFET” then I would give you a 10% off if you buy upto 5USD.
and we got free cute stickers as gift as well.

Is there anything that you need help with, that people reading this interview may be able to give (i.e. advice, mentoring, a service, etc)?

* I would really want to have some opinions about buyers preference….how can we do to really attract overseas buyer to buy from us (HONG KONG)….we got great feedbacks and we do business honestly..but we just can’t get better sales….not sure if this is the reason…or our shop is just not so great…(CONVO us if you can help) Thanks.


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