Friendship Bracelets

Custom Embroidery Friendship Bracelets & Anklets

Any Size Personalized Bracelet or Anklet: $4.00 each

Shipping & Handling:
USA: $2.00
Canada: $3.00
Order One Now!

 Custom orders are encouraged and always welcome. 

Friendship bracelets available with woven letters – you choose message.

Each bracelet is hand crafted with Embroidery Cotton material that is hand
loomed in the traditional way. The result is a uniquely colorful product that
is also very durable. All items come in a variety of colors.

You can choose to have on your Friendship Bracelet a Bead that canrepresent
a special thought or wish from the giver (Friend, Parent, Significant Other, etc.)

Friendship bracelets have long been used as a means of telling our friends
that we value them and representing the human need for companionships.

These friendship bracelets are made from cotton and are meant to be tied
on and then worn until they fall off- through showers, swimming, sleeping,
and everything else.

Legend has it that when the bracelet falls off,
you can make a wish and it will come true.

Soft threaded friendship bracelets make excellent gifts and can be made to say
almost anything you want! Whether it be a name, band name, short phrase,
school name, sports name, slogan, or special sweetheart.

Custom Embroidery Name / Phrase Bracelets / Anklets

Choose two colors for the Letter Friendship Bracelets. Up to 17 letters.
One for the color of the letters and second for the color of the background.

Custom Embroidery Symbol Bracelets / Anklets

Solid Heart, Solid Star, Peace Sign

You choose the type of symbol, and two different colors of thread.

Custom Embroidery Bracelets / Anklets Plain & Color

The Embroidery Designs Available are as follows:
A- Diagonal Stripe (up to 4 colors)

B- Zigzag diagonal Stripe (up to 4 colors)

C- Arrowhead stripe (up to 2 colors)

D- Daisy (2 colors only)

E- Tubuluar Straight (up to 4 colors)

F- Tubular Spiral (up to 4 colors)

Friendship bracelets are perfect for teens, youthful promotions or just for the young at heart!

Friendship Bracelets can be sold individually, in pairs, or in groups. They make great gifts!

Wholesale: Large Volume Discounts Available. Please send us the Quantity,
Shipping Destination, Need-by Date, and we will give you a quote.

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